Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salamax & Teensy

At this point I ran across Salamax, a guy who had used a protocol analyzer to look at the Xbox security handshake, and then used a TI-83 calculator connected to the Xbox as a middleman to relay that handshake to a Xbox controller connected to his PC and send the correct responses back, and then to relay the HID report packets back once authentication was complete. He also had an alternate solution using a pair of Teensy2s.

Once again I was bitten by my naivete. I order a pair of Teensy3s, since they are significantly more powerful. 32bit 48Mhz processor vs a 8bit 16Mhz, 128k of flash vs ~32k. 16k of ram vs 2.5k, and 3 UARTs (capable of much faster speed) vs 1.
Unfortunately the hardware architecture is very different, and while it wouldn't be a big problem just for the code used by Salamax directly, it also included LUFA a USB framework for the AVR processor family (used by the Teensy2). I didn't really want to spend the time to rewrite that for the Teensy3, so I set my Teensy3s aside (but will come back to them later), and ordered a pair of Teensy2s.

I tried getting them working with Salamax, but they were apparently the red headed step child (compared to the TI-83). The code in the Salamax App on the PC wasn't all there for the Teensy option, and the USB descriptors the code running on the Teensy presented didn't match up with the app seemed to be expecting, so I put it aside for a few days.

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