Monday, March 18, 2013

HID emulation and Netduino

My next stop was naively believing it would be as simple as emulating a HID joystick and hooking it up to the Xbox.

To accomplish that I got a NetDuino plus 2. Since my day job involves .Net programming I figured this would be the simplest route to follow, since it allows you to program it using the .Net micro framework, and includes the USB port as well as up to 4 UARTs  and an ethernet controller.

Unfortunately the Xbox employs a security handshake that prevents you from using just any controller on it (which I would have realized if I had tried to hook up a random joystick to it).

It will however let you hook up a USB keyboard which you can use to enter text during text entry which is a lot more convenient than using the on screen keyboard with the controller.

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